FrontStageApp is a Ticketing System That's All About You!!

If you’re frustrated by expensive ticketing systems that put their logo on top of your ticketing page, you’ll love how Front Stage App empowers you to control the entire ticketing experience. 

Take Your Performance Virtual And Fully Mobile!!

Imagine selling tickets directly to each individual fan, Then stream that performance directly to your fans mobile device.  With our advanced ticketing system you have control not big record company’s. So control your career, Your money, Your life!!! JOIN US!!



Start Making Money in 3 Steps!!!

We know you hate having to talk to sales people. Our pricing is simple, Free and best of all, you can start right now.

1) Create An Account

Get started right now. No contracts, no sales calls, no hidden fees, no shenanigans. Seriously.

2) Customize Your Page

Create something you love that looks like you without nerds or technical knowledge.

3) Crush It

Save thousands of dollars, countless hours and celebrate as you host your most successful event ever.

What Our Customers Say

Don’t just take our word for it. Our customers love FrontStageApp.

“Setting up an online ticketing site is a breeze with Front Stage App. My attendee’s said mobility made it a joy to use.”

“I have used various ticket platforms for my comedy performances and Front Stage App is by far the most flexible system I have ever used.”


“Flexibility, ease of use, packed with features, IT’S FREE!!!, and a turnkey solution. I love EVERYTHING about this software.”

FrontStageApp is All About Giving You Control

You need a ticketing partner that is unique and custom as your event. FrontStageApp gives you a ticketing experience that you control from start to finish. Do it yourself with zero technical knowledge required.

Total Branding Control

FrontStageApp gives you total branding control over the ticketing experience. From the ticketing page, confirmation, emails and even down to bank statements, the experience looks like you, not us.

Are You Ready To Make The Switch?

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